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Aging is a natural process, unfortunately, it reduces some of the functions of our body. With the reducing or stopping exercises in our daily lives, many of our body's normal functions are degenerating. Then, our metabolism will gradually slow down. From researches, some older people have Osteoporosis, more elderly people have chronic diseases.

During this period, many older people are less communicates with other people. They live alone and normally didn't interaction with other human. However, this is a common situation faced by most elderly in the world. Thus, most of the senior citizen like and need massage. Massage can help senior citizen in both physically and emotionally because it soothes the soul and the mind.


Senior citizen massage is a form of massage that is developed specially for elderly, also know as geriatric massage. This type of massage normally do specific issues common to oldfolks, for example, increased fragility and sensitivity to touch. Nowadays, more and more hospitals or health care center provide this type of massage as one of the effective theraphies for senior citizen.

Normally, old folks have poor blood circulation and partial physical activity. This is because they often undergo a variety of age-related diseases. Besides, many of older people also suffer from some negative emotion such as sadness, anxiety and isolation.

A touch from massage therapist or nurse can help elderly to release from negative emotion likes depression, stress anxiety and other. In addition, massage also can stimulate circulation, boost the immune system, and ease the aches and pains which plague many seniors bodies.

Usually, senior citizen will do the massage by lie on a warmed massage table because old folks tend to get colder easier than young people. Old folks also will be covered by a blanket on request, some of the portion of the seniors's body which need to massage only will be exposed.